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Interference by division of amplitude and by division of wave front; Interference in thin film of constant thickness due to reflected and transmitted light; origin of colours in thin film; Wedge shaped film(angle of wedge and thickness measurement); Newton’s rings Applications of interference – Determination of thickness of very thin wire or foil; determination of refractive index of liquid; wavelength of incident light; radius of curvature of lens; testing of surface flatness; Anti-reflecting films and Highly reflecting film. Diffraction of Light –Fraunhoffer diffraction at single slit, Fraunhoffer diffraction at double slit, Diffraction Grating, Resolving power of a grating, dispersive power of a grating Application of Diffraction – Determination of wavelength of light with a plane transmission grating


Quantum processes as absorption, spontaneous emission and stimulated emission; metastable states, population inversion, pumping, resonance cavity, Einsteins’s equations; Helium Neon laser; Nd:YAG laser; Semiconductor laser, Applications of laser- Holography (construction and reconstruction of holograms) and industrial applications(cutting, welding etc), Applications in medical field


Total internal reflection; Numerical Aperture; critical angle; angle of acceptance; Vnumber; number of modes of propagation; types of optical fiber; Losses in optical fibre(Attenuation and dispersion) Applications of optical fibre – Fibre optic communication system; sensors (Pressure, temperature, smoke, water level), applications in medical field
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