Basic Electrical Engineering [ BEE ] Chapter wise Video Lectures

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DC Circuits

Kirchhoff ’s laws, Ideal and practical voltage and current source, Mesh and Nodal analysis, Super node and Super mesh analysis, Source transformation, Star-delta transformation, Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s theorem, Norton’s theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, (Source transformation not allowed for Superposition theorem, Mesh and Nodal analysis).

AC Circuits

: Generation of alternating voltage and currents, RMS and Average value, form factor, crest factor, AC through resistance, inductance and capacitance, R-L, R-C and R-LC series and parallel circuits, phasor diagrams, power and power factor, series and parallel resonance, Q factor and bandwidth

Three Phase Circuits

Three phase voltage and current generation, star and delta connections(balanced load only), relationship between phase and line currents and voltages, Phasor diagrams, Basic principle of wattmeter, measurement of power by one and two wattmeter methods

Single Phase Transformer

Construction, working principle, emf equation, ideal and practical transformer, transformer on no load and on load, phasor diagrams, equivalent circuit, OC and SC test, regulation and efficiency

DC Machines

Principle of operation of DC motors and DC generators, construction and classification of DC machines, emf equation
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