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Coplanar Forces- Resolution and Composition of Forces

Resultant of concurrent forces, parallel forces, non-concurrent Non-parallel system of forces, Moment of force about a point, Couples, Varignon’s Theorem. Force couple system. Distributed Forces in plane.

Varignon’s Theorem of Moments

Coplanar Non-Concurrent Forces – Problem 1

Coplanar Non-Concurrent force – Problem – 2

Coplanar Non-Concurrent Forces – Problem 3

Resolution and Composition of Forces – Problem 1

Resolution and Composition of Forces – Problem 2

Coplanar Forces- Equilibrium

Condition of equilibrium for concurrent forces, parallel forces and non-concurrent nonparallel general forces and Couples. 2.2Types of support: Loads, Beams, Determination of reactions at supports for various types of loads on beams.(Excluding problems on internal hinges)


Introduction to Laws of friction, Cone of friction, Equilibrium of bodies on inclined plane, Application to problems involving wedges, ladders.


 By using Method of joints and Method of sections. (Excluding pin jointed frames)

Introduction to Forces in Space

Forces in Space – Problem 1

Forces in Space – Problem 2

Forces in Space – Problem 3

Resultant of Forces in Space – Problem 1

Resultant of Forces in Space – Problem 2

Equilibrium of Forces in Space – Problem 1

Simple Machines

Kinematics of Particles

-Rectilinear motion, Velocity & acceleration in terms of rectangular co-ordinate system, Motion along plane curved path, Tangential& Normal component of acceleration, Motion curves (a-t, v-t, s-t curves), Projectile motion.

Kinetics of a Particle: Work and Energy

Principle of work and energy, Law of conservation of energy.

Kinematics of Rigid Bodies

Introduction to general plane motion, Instantaneous center of rotation for the velocity, velocity diagrams for bodies in plane motion

Kinetics of Particles Impulse and Momentum

Principle of linear impulse and momentum. Law of conservation of momentum. Impact and collision.

Kinetics of Particles Force and Acceleration

 -Introduction to basic concepts, D’Alemberts Principle, Equations of dynamic equilibrium, Newton’s second law of motion
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