Fluid Mechanics -1 Chapter wise Video Lectures

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Properties of Fluids

Mass density, weight density, specific gravity, specific volume, viscosity, compressibility and elasticity, surface tension, capillarity, vapour pressure, types of fluids, basic concepts applicable to fluid mechanics

Fluid Statics

Pressure measurement:
Pascal’s law, hydrostatic law, pressure variation in fluids at rest. Absolute, atmospheric, gauge pressure, measurement of pressure using manometers
Hydrostatic force on surfaces:
Total pressure and centre of pressure, total pressure on horizontal plane surface, vertical plane surface, Inclined plane surface, centre of pressure for vertical plane surface and for inclined plane surface, practical applications of total pressure and centre of pressure on dams, gates, and tanks.
Buoyancy and flotation:
Archimedes principle, Meta-centre, metacentric height, Stability of floating and submerged bodies, determination of metacentric height, metacentric height for floating bodies containing liquid, Time period of Transverse oscillations of floating bodies.
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