Structured Programming Approach [ SPA ] Chapter wise Video Lectures

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Introduction to Computer, Algorithm And Flowchart

 Basics of Computer: Turing Model, Von Neumann Model, Basics of Positional Number System, Introduction to Operating System and component of an Operating System. 1.2 Algorithm & Flowchart : Three construct of Algorithm and flowchart: Sequence, Decision (Selection) and Repetition

Fundamentals of C-Programming

Character Set, Identifiers and keywords, Data types, Constants, Variables. 2.2 Operators-Arithmetic, Relational and logical, Assignment, Unary, Conditional, Bitwise, Comma, other operators. Expression, statements, Library Functions, Preprocessor. 2.3 Data Input and Output – getchar( ), putchar( ), scanf( ), printf( ), gets( ), puts( ), Structure of C program .

Control Structures

Branching – If statement, If-else Statement, Multiway decision. 3.2 Looping – while , do-while, for 3.3 Nested control structure- Switch statement, Continue statement Break statement, Goto statement

Control Statements in C Programming

If Else Statement in C Programming

Goto Statement in C Programming

While and Do While Loop Comparison

Program to Display Given Numbers in Words

Program to Find Factorial of a Number Using for Loop

Program to Find GCD and LCM

Program to Find Reverse of a Number in C Language

Program to Check Armstrong Number

Program to Find Prime Numbers in C Programming

Program to Print Numbers Upto N

Program 1 to Print Pattern in C Programming

Program 2 to Print Pattern in C Programming

Special Cases with for Loop

Functions and Parameter

Function -Introduction of Function, Function Main, Defining a Function, Accessing a Function, Function Prototype, Passing Arguments to a Function, Recursion. 4.2 Storage Classes –Auto , Extern , Static, Register

Arrays, String Structure and Union

Array-Concepts, Declaration, Definition, Accessing array element, One-dimensional and Multidimensional array. 5.2 String- Basic of String, Array of String , Functions in String.h 5.3 Structure- Declaration, Initialization, structure within structure, Operation on structures, Array of Structure. 5.4 Union – Definition , Difference between structure and union , Operations on a union

Pointer and Files

 Pointer :Introduction, Definition and uses of Pointers, Address Operator, Pointer Variables, Dereferencing Pointer, Void Pointer, Pointer Arithmetic, Pointers to Pointers, Pointers and Array, Passing Arrays to Function, Pointers and Function, Pointers and two dimensional Array, Array of Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation. 6.2 Files: Types of File, File operation- Opening, Closing, Creating, Reading, Processing File.

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