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How to Attempt Survey 1 Paper Mumbai University


Definition, principles, objectives, classification, technical terms, uses and necessity of surveying.
Units of measurement, surveying measurement and errors, type of errors and their corrections (including numericals), corrections for wrong scales, accuracy and precision, stages of survey operations
Chaining, Ranging and offsetting: Definitions, Principles, Types, Instruments required, methods, obstacles (including numericals), sources of errors, conventional signs and symbols
Electronic Distance Measurement: Working Principles, types, applications in surveying

Introduction to Surveying

Linear Measurments Chain Surveying

Errors in Chain Surveying Part-I

Errors in Chain Surveying Part-II

Errors in Chain Surveying Part-III

Errors in Chain Surveying Part-IV

Measurement of Directions and Angles

Basic definitions, meridians, bearings, magnetic and true bearings, compasses, prismatic and surveyor’s, temporary adjustments, declination, dip, local attraction
Types of traverse, procedures, control establishments, Conversion of WCB into RB and vice-versa, Traverse Survey and Computations of interior angles of a closed Traverse. Adjustment of closing error, correction for local attraction.

Angular Measurments Compass Surveying

Local Attractions Easiest method


Levelling and its application

Introduction to levelling, basic terms and definitions, types of instruments, construction and use of dumpy level, auto level, digital level and laser level in construction industry, principle axes of dumpy level, temporary and permanent adjustments
Booking and reduction of levels, plane of collimation (HI) and rise-fall methods, computation of missing data, distance to the visible horizon, corrections due to curvature and refraction, reciprocal levelling, Numerical problems
Differential levelling, profile levelling, fly levelling, check levelling, precise levelling, sources of errors, difficulties in levelling work, corrections and precautions in levelling work

Theodolite Traversing

Various parts and axis of transit, technical terms, temporary and permanent adjustments of a transit, horizontal and vertical angles, methods of repetition and reiteration
Different methods of running a theodolite traverse, Latitudes and departures, rectangular coordinates, traverse adjustments by Bowditch’s, transit and modified transit rules, Gales Traverse Table, Numerical Problems.
Use of theodolite for various works such as prolongation of a straight line, setting out an angle, bearing measurements. Omitted measurements, Problems in using theodolite traversing, errors in theodolite traversing;
Trigonometrical Levelling: Problems on one plane and two plane methods

Plane Tabling, Contouring, Area and Volume

Plane Table Surveying: Definition, principles, accessories required for plane table surveying, merits and demerits, temporary adjustments, Different methods of plane table surveying, Errors in plane table surveying, Use of telescopic alidade
Contouring: definitions, contour interval, equivalent, uses and characteristics of contour lines, direct and indirect methods of contouring. Grade contour: definition and use.
Area: Area of an irregular figure by trapezoidal rule, average ordinate rule, Simpson’s 1/3 rule, various coordinate methods.
Planimeter: types including digital planimeter, area of zero circle, uses of planimeter.
Volume: Computation of volume by trapezoidal and prismoidal formula, volume from spot levels, volume from contour plans.

Tacheometric surveying

Principle, purpose, uses, advantages and suitability of tacheometry, different methods of tacheometry, stadia formula, Stadia diagram and tables. Sub-tense bar method.
Application in plane table and curve setting
Radial Contouring.
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