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  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Manufacturing
  • Thermal Sciences
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Theory of Machines and Vibration

Thermal Radiation-01 (Introduction) | Heat Transfer

Thermal Radiation-02 (Black-Body Concepts) | Heat Transfer

Thermal Radiation-03 (Planck’s Law 01) | Heat Transfer

Thermal Radiation-04 (Planck’s Law 02) | Heat Transfer

Determination of Principal Stresses | Strength of Materials

Eccentric Loading of Rivets/Bolts (Design of Joints) | Machine Design

Collision of Elastic Bodies

Distortion Energy | Strength of Materials

Balancing of Rotating Masses |

Acceleration Analysis of Four Bar Mechanism

Stream Function – 1 | Fluid Mechanics

Stream Function – 2 | Fluid Mechanics

Analysis of Trusses – Zero Force Members

Analysis of Trusses – Method Of Joints |

Velocity Analysis of slider crank mechanism

Stress | Strength of Materials

Instantaneous centre of rotation

Introduction to Heat Transfer

Load Life Relationship of Rolling Contact Bearing

Electrochemical Machining Process

Heat Transfer | Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics

What is Kinematics | Fluid Kinematics Lecture | Fluid Mechanics

Limit, Fits & Tolerances | Manufacturing Engineering

Stress & Strain Curve of ductile material in tension

Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram | Strength of Materials

Mechanics | Engineering Mechanics

Torsion Formula | Strength of Material

Fluid Statics | Fluid Statics Lecture | Fluid Mechanics

Analysis of Stress | Strength of Materials

Stresses in thin Cylinder | Mechanics of Material

Special Matrices | Engineering Mathematics

Riser Design | Manufacturing Technology

Heat Transfer | Heat Transfer Lecture | Heat Transfer Analysis

Analysis of Orthogonal Machining | Manufacturing Technology

Analytic Function and Concept of Residue | Engineering Mathematics

Important Properties of convolution | Signals and Systems

Degrees of Freedom | Theory of Machines

Linear Changes in SIngle Prismatic Bar due to Loads | Strength of Material

Introduction to Theories of Failure | Strength of Materials

Welding | Manufacturing Technology

Boundary Layer | Mechanical/Civil Engineering

Motion Curve | Engineering Mechanics

Impact & Collision – Excellent Question – GATE Sol

Linear Algebra – Excellent Question – 01 – Gate Sol |

Lami’s Theorem | Engineering Mechanics

Trusses (Method of Section) | Engineering Mechanics

Newton’s Second Law | Engineering Mechanics

Lumped System Analysis

Lumped System Analysis-02

Lumped System Analysis 03

Lumped System Analysis 04

Lumped System Analysis 05

Otto Diesel & Dual Cycle – 01 | Thermodynamics – IC Engine

Otto Diesel & Dual Cycle – 02 | Thermodynamics – IC Engine

Otto Diesel & Dual Cycle – 03 | Thermodynamics – IC Engine

Orthogonal Matrix

Shortcuts to Draw SFD and BMD | Strength of Materials


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