[PDF] Engineering for Structural Stability in Bridge Construction

This manual is intended to serve as a reference. It will provide technical information which will enable Manual users to perform the following activities:
• Describe typical erection practices for girder bridge superstructures and recognize critical construction stages
• Discuss typical practices for evaluating structural stability of girder bridge superstructures during early stages of erection and throughout bridge construction
• Explain the basic concepts of stability and why it is important in bridge erection
• Explain common techniques for performing advanced stability analysis along with their advantages and limitations
• Describe how differing construction sequences affect superstructure stability
• Be able to select appropriate loads, load combinations, and load factors for use in analyzing superstructure components during construction
• Be able to analyze bridge members at various stages of erection
• Develop erection plans that are safe and economical, and know what information is required and should be a part of those plans
• Describe the differences between local, member and global (system) stability


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