[PDF] 501 Challenging Logic and Reasoning Problems

Download 501 Challenging Logic and Reasoning Problems This book which can be used alone, along with other logic and reasoning texts of your choice, or in combination with the LearningExpress publication, Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day will give you practice dealing with the types of multiple-choice questions that appear on standardized tests assessing logic, reasoning, judgment, and critical thinking. It is designed to be used by individuals working on their own and by teachers or tutors helping students to learn, review, or practice working on basic logic and reasoning skills. Practice on 501 logic and reasoning questions should go a long way in alleviating test anxiety, too!

The 501 logic and reasoning questions in this book will provide you with lots of practice. As you work through each set of questions, you’ll be gaining a solid understanding of basic analytical and logical reasoning skills. And all without memorizing! The purpose of this book is to help you improve your critical thinking through encouragement, not frustration.

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