[PDF] Civil Engineering GATE Question Bank With Answer Key and Explanation

Download Free Civil Engineering GATE Question Bank With Answer Key and Explanation By The GATE Academy

This book is divided into two parts covering, (1) Engineering Mathematics and (2) Civil Engineering’. Coverage is as per the syllabus prescribed for GATE and topics are handled in a comprehensive manner beginning from the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner supported by a sample number of solved and unsolved problems. Extra care has been taken By The GATE Academy to present the content in a modular and systematic manner – to facilitate easy understanding of all topics.


1. Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Probability & Distribution Numerical Methods
Differential Equations
Complex Variables
Laplace Transform

2. Fluid Mechanics
Pressure and its Measurement Hydrostatic Forces on Plane Surfaces Kinematics of Flow
Fluid Dynamics
Flow Through Pipes
Impulse-Momentum Equation and Its Application
Flow through Orifices and Mouth Pieces
Boundary-Layer Flow
Viscous Flow
Dimensional Analysis
Impacts of jets and Turbines
Open Channel Flow

3. Hydrology and irrigation
Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery Irrigation
Water Requirements of Crops
Sediment, Transport, and Design of Irrigation Channels

4. Environmental Engineering
Quality Standards of Water Supply and its Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Sludge Disposal
Domestic Waste Water Treatment
Air Pollution

5. Structural Analysis
Trusses and Arches
Influence Line Diagram and Rolling Loads
Slope and Deflection Method
Degree of Static Indeterminacy
Force Energy Method
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis

6. Mechanics
Simple Stress and Strain Relationship
Bending Moment and Shear Force Diagram
Thin-Walled Pressure Vessel
Simple Bending Theory
Column and Struts
Analysis of Statically Determinate Structures

7. RCC
Concrete Technology
Basic of Mix Design
Design of RCC structures
Analysis of Ultimate Load Capacity
Basic Elements of Pre-stressed Concrete
Design of Pre-Stressed Concrete
Beams Concrete Design

8. Steel
Plastic Analysis
Welded Connections
Design of Tension Member
Compression member

9. Geotechnical Engineering
Three Phase System, Fundamental Definitions and Relationship
Index Properties and Soil Classification
Permeability and Seepage Consolidation Compaction
Stress Analysis
Surface Investigations
Earth Pressure Stability of Slopes Bearing Capacity
Pile Foundation

10. Transportation & Surveying
Introduction to Transportation
The geometric design of highway
Traffic Characteristics
Traffic Signs and Signal Design
Intersection Design
Testing and Specifications of Paving Materials
Design of Rigid Flexible Pavements
Measurement of Distance & Direction
Theodolite & Traversing

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