[PDF] Estimating Costing Specification And Valuation In Civil Engineering Book by M. Chakraborti

Download Free Estimating Costing Specification And Valuation In Civil Engineering Book by M. Chakraborti

Estimating, Costing, Specification & Valuation In Civil Engineering is valuable to students who want to fare well on their Polytechnic and Degree examinations, especially for students completing a B.Tech degree. Professionals in the field will also find this to be an invaluable reference. Many experts in the field, as well as staff in Civil Engineering departments regard this text book as the best in the subject.


  • Chapter I Introduction
  • Chapter II Different Types of Estimates.
  • Chapter III Approximate Estimate
  • Chapter IV Method of Building Estimate
  • Chapter V Estimate of Building
  • Chapter VI Reinforced Cement Concrete Works
  • Chapter VII Sloped Roof and Steel Structure
  • Chapter VIII Doors and Windows
  • Chapter IX Water Supply and Sanitary Works
  • Chapter X Roads, A-Earthwork  B – Bridges and Culverts C – Pavement
  • Chapter XI Irrigation Works
  • Chapter XII Electrification of Building
  • Chapter XIII Analysis of Rate
  • Chapter XIV Estimating of Quantity of Materials
  • Chapter XV Specification
  • Chapter XVI Method of Measurement of Works
  • Chapter XVII Project Estimate
  • Chapter XVIII Public Works Accounts
  • Chapter XIX Contracts
  • Chapter XX Writing up of Measurement Book
  • Chapter XXI Arbitration
  • Chapter XXII BAR Chart, CPM and PERT NetWork
  • Chapter XVIII Valuation
  • Chapter XXIV Computerised Estimation
  • Chapter XXV Review Questions
  • Chapter XXVI Prevalent Schedule of Rates
  • Appendix I Conversion Tables
  • Appendix II Metric Standard Steel Tables
  • Appendix III Exercise

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