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Download Free Transportation Engineering Books. Below we have listed a Collection of Books on Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Airway Engineering, Railway Engineering, and Harbour Engineering.

Transportation engineering, primarily involves planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of transportation facilities. The facilities support air, highway, railroad, pipeline, water, and even space transportation. The design aspects of transportation engineering include the sizing of transportation facilities (how many lanes or how much capacity the facility has), determining the materials and thickness used in pavement designing the geometry (vertical and horizontal alignment) of the roadway (or track).

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Highway Engineering By S.K. Khanna & C.E.G Justo

Airport Engineering Planning, Design, and Development of 21st Century Airports By Norman J. Ashford Saleh Muinayiz Paul H. Wright

Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes By Geoffrey Griffiths and Nick Thom

Harbour, Dock and Tunnel Engineering By R. Srinivasan

Highway and Traffic Engineering in Developing Countries By Bent Thagesen

Highway Capacity Manual By Transportation Research Board National Research Council

Highway Engineering By Martin Rogers

Highway Engineering Handbook By Roger L. Brockenbrough & Kenneth J. Boedecker

Pavement Analysis And Design By Yang H. Huang

Practical Railway Engineering By Clifford F Bonnett

Planning and Design of Airports By Robert Horonjeff

Traffic and Highway Engineering by Nicholas J. Garber and Lester A. Hoel

Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering by CA O’Flaherty

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