[PDF] IS 800 Steel Table By R.Agor Free Download

Steel Tables (MKS & S.I. Units) is an ideal book for professionals and engineers in the construction industry; contractors, building engineers, and architects will also find this book useful. The book starts off with a section on symbols and features 60 tables overall. These tables cover different concepts including Square and Round Bars, Sheets and Plates, Rolled Steel Angles, Rolled Steel Beams, Rolled Steel Channels, Strips, and Mild Steel Flats. This edition features five annexures on S.I. Units for Structural Engineers, Conversion Table KGF to Newtons, Conversion Factors for S.I. Units, Conversion Table Newtons to KGF, and Guidelines for Detailing of Members. Readers can also learn about the properties of starred angles and unequal angles.

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